A modified method for immediate loading and reinforced metal framework overdenture: clinical case

  • Humberto Gennari Filho
  • José Vitor Quinelli Mazaro
  • Marcelo Coelho Goiato
  • Karina Hekga Leal Turcio


The aim of the present study was to report a modified protocol for immediate implant-supported full-arch rehabilitation on three interforaminal implants and two implants placed in the posterior mandible, one on each side. This article describes a treatment protocol that can be used to reduce the time required for the fabrication and placement of an implant-supported prosthesis. It is described a technique that improved patient comfort when compared to conventional technology and propose the possibility of using a denture with internal reinforcement framework with captured abutments.

Descriptors: Dental Implants; Immediate Dental Implant Loading; Denture, Complete.


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Gennari Filho, H., Mazaro, J. V. Q., Goiato, M. C., & Turcio, K. H. L. (2016). A modified method for immediate loading and reinforced metal framework overdenture: clinical case. ARCHIVES OF HEALTH INVESTIGATION, 5(3). https://doi.org/10.21270/archi.v5i3.1321