Miller Class III root coverage with coronary tissue repositioning associate with conjunctive graft

  • Georgia Maria Granja Aureliano
  • Severino Alexandre Barbosa da Silva
  • Maria Michele Viana
  • Jaqueline Alves do Nascimento
  • Jefferson David Melo de Matos
  • Pedro Jacy Santos Diamantino
  • Jozely Francisca Mello Lima
  • Daniel Sartorelli Marques de Castro
  • Marco Antônio Bottino
  • John Eversong Lucena de Vasconcelos


Introduction: Gingival Recessions (GR) are understood as processes of apical migration of periodontal tissues in relation to the cement-enamel junction, that is, they result in an inadequate positioning of the periodontium of protection, causing the consequent root exposure of the dental elements involved. Objective: The present study aims to report a case of Miller class III root coverage with coronary tissue repositioning associate with conjunctive graft. Case Report: A 50-year-old male, leucoderma, normossemic, sought care in a private clinic and presented as the main complaint the root exposition in element 41. After anamnesis, and before an accurate clinical examination and panoramic radiographic the presence of Miller's class III gingival recession, located on the buccal surface of the dental element 41, was diagnosed. The etiological factor includes a chronic periodontitis associated with bacterial plaque. Discussion: Regarding the collection of palatal connective tissue to be used as an autogenous graft material, the surgical technique adopted in this present case report provides a flap of adequate blood supply, whose nutrition will occur through the connective tissue and periosteum remnant of the surgical site of the recipient. Conclusion: The adopted therapeutic approach comprises a surgical technique of relative ease of execution, which seeks to minimize the postoperative discomfort of the patient and the existence of postoperative complications.

Descriptors: Periodontics; Guided Tissue Regeneration; Dentistry; Surgery Oral.


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