Windshield glass fragment mimicking a nasal fracture

Marcelo Zillo Martini, Shajadi Carlos Pardo-Kaba, Juliana Seo, Plinio Yokoyama, Fernando Kendi Horikawa, Iron Ricardo Machado Snidei, Elio Hitoshi Shinohara


A male patient with facial trauma by road traffic accident arrived in the emergency room and he was assisted by the Trauma  and Neurosurgery team. After clinical evaluation a frontal sinus anterior wall fracture plus a nasal fracture were diagnosed. On the primary OMS examination was checked multiple facial lacerations and gross nasal dorsum deviation with pain, nasal airway obstruction and crepitus with clinical diagnosis of a nasal fracture. After radiologic exam a piece of windshield glass that was superimposed on the nasal bones simulating a nasal fracture was visualized. This paper presents clinical data and literature review of foreign body mimicking facial fractures.

Descriptors: Road Traffic Accident; Facial Fractures; Windshield Glass.


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