10 years recurrence of an oral intramuscular lipoma: case report

  • Bruna Fonseca Wastner
  • Mariela Veronese
  • Juliana Lucena Schussel
  • William Phillip Pereira da Silva
  • Juliana Elizabeth Jung
  • Laurindo Moacir Sassi


Intramuscular lipomas are a variant of benign lipomas that emerge inside skeletal muscle fibres at different locations and present a high recurrence rate, when not properly treated. We report a case of an oral intramuscular lipoma in 61 years old female patient that recurred 10 years after the first surgery. The authors discuss the need for a more aggressive surgical approach and highlight the importance of long-term follow-up.

Descriptors: Lipoma; Mouth Neoplasms; Mouth.


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Wastner, B. F., Veronese, M., Schussel, J. L., Silva, W. P. P. da, Jung, J. E., & Sassi, L. M. (2017). 10 years recurrence of an oral intramuscular lipoma: case report. ARCHIVES OF HEALTH INVESTIGATION, 6(9). https://doi.org/10.21270/archi.v6i9.2231