Prosthetic resolution of malpositioned dental implants with 5-year follow-up

  • Danila Oliveira
  • Járede Carvalho Pereira
  • Pedro Henrique Silva Gomes-Ferreira
  • Aline Beatriz Kottwitz


The poor positioning of dental implants directly influences the functional and esthetic result of the implant-supported prosthesis. And as an alternative to correcting the positioning, prosthetic components such as prefabricated and customized abutments may be used. The current study aims to present an alternative resolution for malpositioned dental implants, with the hopes of minimizing damage to osseointegration and gingival tissues. A 53-year-old female patient had two implants in regions 11 and 21 with a height discrepancy of approximately 7 mm between them. The following treatment plan was proposed: the manufacture of two metal-free crowns and the use of a customized abutment to correct the height of the implant. A metal UCLA (Universal Long Castable Abutment) was used as a healer. The case includes 5 years of follow-up. It can be concluded that the use of a customized abutment as a prosthetic solution for an implant installed far below the cervical region of the tooth presented satisfactory esthetic and functional results with peri-implant bone maintenance and long-term gingival health.

Descriptors: Dental Implantation; Dental Prosthesis, Esthetics, Dental.


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Oliveira, D., Pereira, J. C., Gomes-Ferreira, P. H. S., & Kottwitz, A. B. (2020). Prosthetic resolution of malpositioned dental implants with 5-year follow-up. ARCHIVES OF HEALTH INVESTIGATION, 9(5), 457-459.
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