Fusion or gemination? A radiologic approach

  • Tamara Fernandes de Castro
  • Glauco Issamu Miyahara
  • Carla Renata Sanomiya Ikuta
  • Leda Maria Pescinini Salzedas


A supernumerary tooth is an entity in addition to the normal series of teeth that, although rare, can be fused to a tooth, whether deciduous or permanent. Diagnosis and management in cases involving supernumerary teeth in the anterior region of the maxilla are often challenging. The clinical examination associated with the radiographic examination is decisive for the diagnosis and planning of cases. This article describes a case of unilateral fusion of a supernumerary tooth to a permanent upper lateral incisor, in which clinical and radiographic diagnosis was essential for a conservative approach.

Descriptors: Diagnosis; Fused Teeth; Tooth, Supernumerary.


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